Postcards from India: Issue 1

Welcome to our first ‘Postcards from India: Issue 1’, where we keep you informed with what’s going on in our making facility. In this edit we are shining a light on the magical creation of our Chaaya Maxi Dress in Chai, this dream piece has been so cleverly crafted by our talented artisans in India. We spent some time catching up with Avneet, the owner of the making facility to find out more about what’s been happening in this incredible space.

The team have been extending on gender equality in the workplace. This is a big focus for them. In India there has historically been an imbalance with gender equality, particularly in the workplace. They are paving the way forward, to create a more sustainable and equitable society. No matter what gender identity her team have, they are all welcome, safe and celebrated. 

Another important element has been their partnership with the United Nations to support women in employment and empowerment. Avneet has been continuing her education with the UN to develop and expand on her agreement that she made for empowering women in employment. She runs regular mentoring and counselling sessions to ensure there is ongoing support for women in the workplace.

We are so thrilled to highlight the making of our Chaaya Maxi Dress in Chai that’s been stunningly handcrafted. With a divine block print throughout, the makers loved putting this unique dress together. See below some snippets captured of it in the making with the gorgeous Bharosi and Sunita having fun.

The team have also been continuing with their sustainability movements by eliminating single use plastic, running the facility by solar power, conserving water and using 100% plant based dyes. Everything that’s done, has a focus on sustainability, making them leaders in this field. 

We can’t wait to keep you updated with all of the incredible empowering creations from us to you, with love, 

Daughters of India team xx




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