Our Story

Daughters of India was born on the coast of Northern NSW, Australia. With a dream to create nothing but beauty for ladies who are confident in their unique style.

Inspired by warm earthy hues, Indian prints, a love of vintage fashion, travel & a bohemian lifestyle.

As our journey continues...as we grow & evolve we are committed to moving forward in a thoughtful way. Being sure to make conscious decisions in regards to committing  to a sustainable & ethical production.  

Our garments are currently made in small factories within local villages just outside of the historic pink city, Jaipur, India. 

The workers within these local factories are supported in fair trade & consist of hand block printers, block makers, dyers, tailors, hand stitching artists and more. The founder of the factory saw a need to empower the artisans & the women of the region, leading them to provide employment, free education & job training for both men & women. The majority of our garments involve a lot of handmade processes, which helps to generate a lot of employment for these people.

We have chosen our family of dress makers as they not only want to preserve the tradition of Indian hand block printing (which is one of the earliest & slowest methods of textile printing) but also have a dream to keep empowering the local women & men by teaching them skills through employment. 

Fast fashion is easy for consumers because it is just that; fast & inexpensive. When it comes to ethical fashion, we understand the price tags can be daunting. So here at Daughters of India, we really strive to make shopping ethical an affordable experience.